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"Solid Start" Workshop for Business Leaders

Creating the new generation of Young Entrepreneur Partners & Master Coordinators

Please join us for a complimentary workshop with Key Leaders. We will be discussing Fundamentals and Training for a Career Level Business Leader. Refresh your own system and get new a Business Leader, or prospective one, off to the right start.

PART 1: Preparing the Mindset as a Business Leader

PART 2: Business Leader Overview – preparing for a valuable future

PART 3: Business Training Cycle: The 50K Project


Presented and hosted by:

Roland Oosterhouse, Scott Palmer, Angel Torres, & Carolyn Wightman.

"Solid Start" Workshop In English - Saturday, February 12th
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Eastern

Click here to register on Zoom

Please register even if you can't make it live. We will send you a replay link on Monday, January 17th which will be available for 24-hours.

"Solid Start" Workshop In Spanish - February 2022, Date to be determined
8:00 PM to 9:30 PM - Eastern

The "Solid Start" Workshop is open to all!

We suggest you invite your KBL (Key Business Leaders) and potential KBL's to this event!

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