YOUR Journey To Master Coordinator And Beyond

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Are you ready to GROW your Shaklee business?

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About Dr. K Sow

Dr. K Sow has built one of the largest Shaklee organizations on the globe. From his home in Malaysia he has helped to develop more than 100 Master, Senior Master and Presidential Master Coordinators along the way. But, it wasn't always that way.

K Sow grew up in Gurun, a small town in Kedah, a state in the northern tip of Malaysia. He left home for Kuala Lumpur. After completing his graduate education, earning his Doctorate in Marketing, he took a job in government service. However, K Sow soon learned that he would never earn the income he wanted from a government job. He began looking for ways to increase that income, and began attending seminars on business and career opportunities.

He felt a larger “calling” and started looking for something that would inspire him to grow in terms of self-development, as well as financially. This is when he discovered Network Marketing, and discovered the Shaklee Corporation and the philosophy of Dr. Forrest Shaklee.

K Sow saw the profession as the perfect choice, and Shaklee as the perfect company to grow with. It gave him the flexibility he was looking for, the opportunity to teach others, and a huge upside potential for income. He also discovered that it could bring him secure, passive income for a lifetime.

Using his extensive background in business and education, K Sow has created a complete system for leader development. New people are able to duplicate his steps for developing large and stable business organizations. K Sow has successfully replicated this system with his teams in three different languages and countries.

Richard Bliss Brooke Interviews
Presidential Master Dr. K Sow

Marvelous interview of our very own Dr. K Sow by Richard Bliss Brooke - this is inspiring, and a little humbling, when you hear about Dr. K Sow's incredible and consistent growth over his 30-plus years in Shaklee.

November 2023
Training Zoom with Dr. K Sow

Presidential Master Coordinator Dr. K Sow talks about the Characteristics of a "Growth Mindset" and how to develop a "Successful Mindset." He gives specific steps and examples of how to best prepare yourself for success.

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